Surveying classics data sets

As a basis for our work in linked data in the humanities we have undertaken a survey of a number of data sets. These include those used in our LaQuAT project (Heidelberger Gesamtverzeichnis, Projet Volterra) as well as many others in the areas of the classics, epigraphy and archeology, including Inscriptions of Aphrodisias, Pleiades, Lexicon of Greek Personal Names, (ancient coins),, Arachne, Inscriptions of Roman Tripolitania, Greek, Roman and Byzantine Pottery at Ilion, Khirbat al-Mudayna al-Aliya excavations, Petra Great Temple, Small Finds database, Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology catalog, and Ure Museum’s images catalog. As part of this survey we have documented how these data sets can be accessed and have have made notes as to what fields in the data may provide suitable candidates for linking with other data sets, focusing on places, people and dates. We plan to review our findings and, from this, select a candidate set of data sets to use to populate and evaluate our proposed infrastructure.

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