SPQR’s linked data online

SPQR has been working on converting epigraphic data – data about inscriptions in the ancient world – to linked data. We have now converted data from the following epigraphic data sources:

Our linked data is hosted in a Virtuoso linked data server and you can browse, query and search it.

  • Keyword search. For example:
    • Enter “Aphrodisias” or “Marsa Zawaghah” or “Oasis Magna”
    • Click Search
  • SPARQL endpoint:
    • e.g. triples with “WHITE MARBLE”: SELECT * WHERE {?s ?p ?o . ?o bif:contains '(WHITE AND MARBLE)'}
    • e.g. number of triples with “WHITE MARBLE”: SELECT COUNT(*) WHERE {?s ?p ?o . ?o bif:contains '(WHITE AND MARBLE)'}
    • e.g. Number of subjects: SELECT COUNT(?s) WHERE {?s ?p ?o}
    • e.g. Number of distinct subjects: SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT ?s) WHERE {?s ?p ?o}

Please note that this server is for demonstration purposes only.

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